Tuesday, 10 March 2015

TVO on the road - Walking With Our Sisters Art Installation

After seeing Mrs. Rose’s blog post I decided to look into the Walking With Our Sisters Art Installation a bit more as I was very interested in it. After watching the video, I followed the link to the website, reading the information about the project and taking a closer look at some of the pieces they collected that came with stories. Each pair of vamps collected represents one missing or murdered indigenous woman. All the vamps were beautifully crafted and I found it moving how the country can come together to show their respect to those indigenous women who went missing or were murdered. I think that this project is very important as it honours the missing and murdered Indigenous women of Canada and the United States. The project revolves around these pieces called Moccasin vamps, which are the top decorative pieces of the moccasin. The vamps symbolize the unfinished lives of the women whose lives were cut short. The vamps that are collected were then to be attached with Velcro to a red cloth path so viewers who go to see it can walk along the path of vamps. This project is a great way to raise awareness to everyone about this issue, and to pay respect to the women’s lives and existence. This link is to the project’s website (http://walkingwithoursisters.ca/) and I encourage anyone that reads this post to check it out and to see the work that the women of Walking With Our Sisters is doing.

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